Sometimes it happens that the relationships we are confident about turn out to be much fragile than they seem to be, while the ones we think are weak end up being strong and resilient.

Bandhay Ek Dour Se story is one such piece that has highlighted this hard truth of life. With its engaging plot, a strong script, and captivating performance of the artists, this drama series has managed to startle the audience and earned praise from critics.

As the first few episodes of the drama series rolled out, it gained a following beyond anyone’s expectations. The show ratings skyrocketed, and the number of fans continued to grow with every episode.

Bandhay Ek Dour Se Story

Bandhay Ek Dour Se follows Umer’s story and his cousin Maheen who both belong to a middle-class joint family and grew up together.

Umer, a young and handsome man – played by Ahsan Khan, is friends with his cousin Maheen but he’s in love with Roshni – played by the talented Hina Altaf.

Roshni is a self-centered and arrogant girl who happens to be Maheen’s neighbor and Maheen plays an important role in bringing Umer and Roshni closer.

Maheen – played by Ushna Shah – is protective of her cousin and best friend and she often tells Roshni that she is lucky to have someone who loves her so intensely. But a vain and proud Roshni does not value Umer’s strong feelings that much and she often talks to other guys.

Maheen’s brother Monis is about to marry a girl from his neighborhood and the first episode ended with his marriage announcement, while the preparations of Maheen’s engagement are also on.

Umer somehow comes to assumes Monis is marrying Roshni and this creates quite a confusion, which follows dramatic yet entertaining chain of events wherein Umer fights with everyone – including Maheen, Monis and Roshni.

On the day of Maheen’s engagement, she figures out the cause of all trouble and she sends him the picture of Fazeela – the girl who Monis is actually about to marry – to remove Umer’s misconception.

On finding on the truth, Umer rushes to the event and joins the festivities. Despite all the confusion, Bandhay Ek Dour Se held everything together thanks to its tight pace and excellent performances of the actors.

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