South Korean boy band BTS recently laid bare their inner-most struggles with self-image and even touched upon their hopes for the album, BE (Deluxe Edition).

The group began their discussion by touching on their possible Grammy nomination during an interview with Kpop Herald. There they made it clear that their past hits like Dynamite will not glue them to chart rankings after BE drops.

Reason being that, while awards and accolades are a great cheery on top, the boys have no plans of ‘clinging’ to any such hopes. 

At the end of the day, their only intention is to enjoy their time on stage. After all, “We are the people who feel the happiest performing,” Jungkook explained.

“We don’t dance or sing only to achieve results. We won’t cling to rankings, as we will keep doing what we want to do and making music that we can share with ARMYs.” (sic)

During the course of the conversation, the boys even got candid about the ‘strength’ they had to harness in order to keep moving on during such a difficult year.

Jimin was the first to touch on the matter and admitted, “I’ve already broken down a lot. This situation got me thinking ‘Who am I?’ But as I worked on the album and talked through it with my bandmates, I once again realized the reason why I love music. I had to move on.”

While Jimin was struggling with his self-image, V also told the host, “Honestly, I’ve been through it a lot. In the past, I had hard times as it hit me directly. But recently, I think I got to overcome it by expressing those feelings into lyrics and music. I feel thrilled and accomplished by it.”

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